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Join my program starting 10th January to drop kg's in a supported private facebook group.

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Drop kg's - Gain good habits

  • Have you struggled with losing weight? 
  • Tried all the diets under the sun? 
  • Find you only lose water weight, and put it back on pretty much immediately?

Well, I may have the answer!


Order Here!

Join me in an extremely successful program designed by Dr Simeon to lose weight fast and reset your hormonal settings - via the hypothalamus. 

This program focuses so precisely on the underlying cause of the problem while educating you through your experience with your own unique body how diet impacts you. You discover which foods are directly responsible for your declining energy levels and nutritional imbalance.
And with this new found discovery, the results stay with you long after the program finishes.

Interested in the science behind the program? Click here for the Pounds and Inches PDF book by Dr Simeons.

Beware of Inferior Products

Naturally, when something amazing happens, there are lots of 'copies' out there, people trying to mimic the success of the original. The products that I sell are made in Australia and of the highest quality and potency.

I have had clients who have done my program after having the actual hormone injections (as done by Dr Simeon) and found the results exactly the same. 

You can be confident that I will always source the highest potency and ethically derived products, targeting therapeutic results.

Is it too good to be true?

In a nutshell - no - it is that good!

This program works for 95% of people. When it doesn't work, there are underlying problems to be addressed, which could be emotional, hormonal or mental.

You have to do the diet, you have to be disciplined, and you have to put in the commitment. But if you do, you will be surprised how easy it is, thanks to the support of the bioenergetic hCG. And you will be thrilled at watching the numbers on your scale go down.

I offer email support in my program just in case you have any questions, and to keep you on track. If there are more serious issues, you may need to work with a professional to address the underlying cause.

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