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The science and soul of Naturopathy

A Naturopath is a broad term that denotes a registered and qualified professional consultant in natural health. A Naturopath undergoes a minimum 4 year education in health science, nutrition and herbology to offer a science based approach to natural medicine, based on scientific validation as well as traditional philosophy.

Naturopaths don't diagnose or 'cure' diseases. They support the body to return to balance and healing can be a pleasant side effect of this process. Naturopaths work with all ranges of conditions, from acute colds and flu, to chronic conditions such as cancer. 

Each Naturopath has their own talents and interests, usually based on personal experience. While all qualified Naturopaths are able to deal with most imbalances seen in our Western setting, some like to branch into a 'specialty' field. However, classically, Naturopaths didn't do this, as it is somewhat against the holistic principles of the trade. Instead, each person is assessed on their presentation and history, and remedies are based on correcting the core issue with natural medicines, changes in thinking, body work such as massage, and lifestyle modification.

Unfortunately, there are weekend courses run by supplement manufacturers that allow sales people to loosely coin the term 'Naturopath' to customers to basically get a sale. Over the counter prescribing has become common in pharmacy and health food shops. This is not Naturopathy, as a full history consultation must take place in order to get to the root issue of the imbalance. Over the counter supplements will only ever bandaid a deeper imbalance. The longer an imbalance is there, active or hibernating, the longer the time it will take to resolve it. A good rule of thumb for chronic illness, is that for every year the imbalance has been there, it takes one month of strict adherence to the set naturopath protocols to reverse. 

To ensure you are working with a qualified Naturopath, they must have a provider number, which is recognised by most private health insurance companies. An initial consultation should take a minimum of 1.5 hours - and it can take several appointments to get a thorough picture of the core issue causing the dis-ease. It won't happen in a chat to a sales person over the counter of your health food shop!

Each Naturopath is Unique

Finding a health practitioner - conventional or alternative - that you feel safe with, can trust their judgement, and generally 'like' is an extremely important part of the successful working relationship that will develop between practitioner and client.

Words such as empathy, understanding, experience, philosophy also are important.

If you are on a health journey, these things will matter. 

What to expect in your first consultation

Our first consultation is very involved. We look at your life health history, answer questions, do required testing, and formulate a start up health plan in 90 minutes. There is much to condense in the allowed time, and we always suggest to leave a little more time in case we run over. To assist this process, we require that you supply some forms two days before your consultation so we can become familiar with you before your appointment. These forms will be emailed or posted to you when you book your appointment.

Essentially, this is where we get an understanding of you and your body. We aim to relieve the main reason for your visit, while looking at the deeper causes and putting steps in place to start a gentle and steady removal of dis-ease causing factors.

Quite often specific nutrients will be prescribed to increase your body's stores. This is done because when levels are too low in the body, food alone is not enough to replenish the stores.

Also, an herbal tonic may be prescribed with specific therapeutic effects. Liquid herbs are absorbed into your blood stream in 7 minutes, and resonate with our biology extremely well. Herbs are chosen based on what is needed - some stimulate, other calm, and others modulate certain body organs and functions.

Different vibrational remedies such homeopathics and flower essences can also be used, and have extremely fast acting results depending on the case.

What to expect in your follow up appointment

A follow up occurs between 2 and 6 weeks following the initial consultation. 

Generally we allow an hour, but sometimes 1.5 hours is needed as there will be revelations to discuss, as well as challenges, and often more questions by the client!

There may be some testing done to see how the body is fairing with the changes that have been incorporated. 

Generally more fine-tuning is done at this appointment, such as diet structure, lifestyle observation and recommendation, and supplement alterations.

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