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Join me this month in a group weight loss challenge!

Lose an average of 7 kg by February, reset your hormones, and kick your NY resolution to the curb!

Registration required by 7th January to start the program on the 10th.

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Simple steps for Vitality . . .

I am passionate about helping you to LIVE YOUR BEST, HEALTHIEST, HAPPIEST LIFE!

Real food, traditional remedies, science backed treatment plans, and lifestyle coaching is what I do to help YOU live your best life possible.

I have discovered that many people are confused, scared and disempowered when faced with a physical issue such as disease or illness. They prefer to rest their choices in their doctors hands and whinge when they don't get the results they want. 

Our medical system has many strengths and is improving it's resources daily to treat serious and life threatening diseases. But many people live an unhealthy life filled with negative thoughts, toxic relationships, junk foods, chemical laden products, and spiritual starvation, and then wonder why they get sick, expecting modern medicine to fix it.

So if you are in the minority who want to take ownership of their health, their mind and their life experience .... Welcome!

If you are on a healing journey and rediscovering yourself .... Welcome!

And if you are another person passionate about holistic health and alternative therapies ..... Welcome!

Check out my blog for health and lifestyle tips to help you on your path.


Magnesium Massage

Take advantage of my super special intro price - only $59 for your first 1 hour treatment!

Come in and see what the fuss is all about.

Check out my published hcG diet book on amazon!

This is a revolutionary program to not only lose fat, but it resets your hormonal pathways creating lasting results.

Enjoy increased vitality, a leaner body, and the clarity that a detox brings.

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Do You Love Kindle Books?

Check out my growing collection of downloadable kindle books.

500 Calories: 

Recipes to support 5:2 and hCG diets $3.99

I have put together the tastiest meals for any VVLC diets. These are diets where the total calorie intake for the day is around 500. This include the 5:2 diet, the hCG weight loss diet, and now popular - intermittent fasting.
Selections include; Faux Mash, vegetarian options, Apple Cookies, Sorbet, chicken stock, and heaps more!
Discover the health benefits from adding in 1 or 2 Very Very Low Calorie days into your week. Results may include weight loss, better digestion, clearer thinking, reduction in inflammation and pain, lower cholesterol, normalised blood pressure and more energy.

Peacefully: Yoga for Mind $4.99

Journey to the depths of your Soul with this beautiful picture book.
Quotes from masters of Yoga are the signposts for you to find your inner bliss, along with breathtaking photography of Tasmania's wild places.
A personal tribute to Peace, to Gaia out planet, and to ever deepening self mastery.


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